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Welcome to BORDCOTE, a French children's clothing brand that offers a committed alternative to today's fashion, a more chauvinist approach perhaps, but also one that is more respectful of the environment, of people and materials, and one that is fairer and more ecologically responsible.

As a French designer, Bordcote is committed to promoting :
- local know-how (local seamstresses from the Gulf of Saint Tropez)
- French craftsmanship and handmade
- made in France / "fabriqué en France"
- the national supply of raw materials (materials, French fabrics, etc.)
- the natural and ecological fibre.

Today's fashion is one of the most polluting sectors in the world, not to mention the fact that it exploits social misery. This chaotic phenomenon has only increased over the last ten years with the advent of fast fashion and "disposable fashion".

At Bordcote, you are entering tomorrow's fashion, a natural, ecological and sustainable fashion where each garment and accessory is carefully handcrafted in limited editions (a few copies / unique piece) by a seamstress from the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

If you want to plunge into the world of Bordcote's slow fashion, to turn your back on mass consumption - waste - pollution - discrimination, you will discover a soft and sunny universe that privileges quality over quantity and where every detail counts, whether in design or customer relations. You will discover our original and elegant collection of natural fiber clothing, made in Saint Tropez.

It is in the wild landscapes of the city of Saint-Tropez that the designer of Bordcote draws her inspiration. This small port city has always been the cradle of avant-garde fashion and designer clothes. Today it is the cradle of tomorrow's fashion, a natural and original fashion that aims to find its roots.

Nota bene: If a size does not appear on our children's and family clothing online sales site, do not hesitate to send us a small message, everything is possible, we can make to order! We can and we like to create unique and rare pieces, just for you.

A few figures :

  • 20% of the world's wastewater comes from fashion, many rivers are polluted or have disappeared.
  • more than 100 billion garments manufactured each year.
  • about 20 kilos of clothes bought for every 10 kilos thrown away.
  • 1 billion tonnes of gas emitted each year by the textile industry.
  • in human terms, it's a disaster, low wages, forced labour, deplorable hygiene conditions, child labour...

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