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Immerse yourself in the world of Bordcote and discover its collection of boy's clothing
respectful and responsible. 

Boys' fashion is a somewhat murky world in which it is not always easy to find oneself. The Bordcote brand brings light and clarity to this world by offering elegant, stylish, comfortable and practical boys' clothing that will delight moms and their little fishes. From boys' shorts to pants and jackets, every children's fashion creation is made with the utmost attention to detail. Colours and prints are tastefully chosen to stand the test of time and embellish children's wardrobes for as long as possible. Materials are carefully selected (silk, linen, cotton...), as are sewing threads, zips, buttons... Scraps of fabric are recovered to be used for other purposes and in general, waste is reduced to a minimum. Pieces from the children's collection (boys' fashion) can be used to create chic or casual outfits (matching tops and bottoms, accessories...).

Some boys' models are available in adult sizes, in limited editions, to allow grown-ups to opt for father/son, grandfather/grandson or any other combination, all more irresistible one than the other!