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Change your approach to fashion and discover Bordcote's respectful and responsible girls' clothing collection.

Bordcote girls' clothing is made from an idea, a drawing, a design. Each piece requires time, reflection, research and manufacturing. Once in hand, you can feel its vibrations, its soul, its history. The golden top for a girl for example or the silk skirt may seem quite simple at first glance, however, these clothes took a long time (designs, patterns, prototypes, materials, buttons, assembly, sewing) before being what they are today. Launching a girls' collection where every detail counts, as much in the manufacturing as in the environmental and social aspects, mobilizes a great deal of energy focused on the search for a beautiful cut, a pleasant, comfortable, respectful and responsible material, a destination, a meaning that will give birth to a piece of character with a strong and unique story that will illuminate the wardrobe of an equally unique child. The models of the Bordcote children's collection (girls' fashion: flowing skirts for girls, shorts for girls, tops...) make it possible to create, according to your desires, elegant or casual outfits (matching tops and bottoms, accessories...).

In our ethical approach, fabric scraps are not thrown away, they are recycled for all practical purposes. Waste is reduced to a minimum. Some girl models are available in adult size to create mother-daughter, godmother-daughter or any other composition to be crunched !